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PoSTED x 5&A Dime Collaboration

Photos by: Lee Hernandez






Tensions are high at 5&A Dime High School… the district championship is on the line. The rivals: Posted High School, led by quarterback Michael Garnica

The smell of popcorn and burnt pretzels waft thru the air of cheering students and drum rolls in the distance. The bleachers shake to the crowds energy, as the Varsity team, in their last year of high school, finally have their last shot at the district championship.

With so much at stake, we decided to commemorate the event with a collaborative crewneck/sweatpants combo. Inspired by vintage football championship designs, our collaboration is a part of our 5D Senior Year rollout which is nostalgic of our youth in regards to our high school experience.

We would like to thank our rival and fellow 5&A Dime employee Mike from Posted for challenging us to the district championship. Being a part of San Diego’s current cultural history, we have started to collaborate with local brands more frequently in our hope that you will enjoy the creative ideas of different designers from our awesome city! Good luck to Posted, you're gonna need at least three digit slots for the amount of touchdowns we’ll be scoring. Cheers to good sportsmanship and San Diego! See you at the end zone.