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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Black Friday

Jason Huggins

Whats up 5&A Dimers? 

As many of you know Black Friday is right around the corner, what you may not know is that its also our anniversary. This year we're celebrating a big one, TEN YEARS!

To commemorate this special occasion our friends at The Hundreds were kind enough to collaborate with us once again on a limited run of Jags printed 5&A Dime logo tees. We will be releasing this special tee as part of our traditional Black Friday Black Pack.  We will have only 50 packs available, the packs will include 3 of our most popular logo shirts blacked out and sell for $80. When you buy the pack of 3 tees you will automatically get The Hundreds tee as a free addition to the pack! The fun doesn't stop there. We will be giving away a hidden $250 visa gift card to one lucky customer who buys the Black Pack!! Other packs may include special goodies from 5&A Dime & The Hundreds. So come see us and see what prizes you may find!

The doors will open at 9 AM to the usual 10% - 70% off the entire store. In addition to the Black Pack release, there will be a small run of  5&A Dime "10 year" anniversary tees available.

We hope to see you there! But, for all of you customers who can't make it in we will have a small amount of the individual tees on our website Friday at 12 noon.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

The Hundreds x 5&A Dime Jag fill tee! 

10 year anniversary tee by EzRock