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828 G St
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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Back For The First Time

Jason Huggins


 Welcome to the new online home of  5&A Dime! 

          Since 2004, the 5&A Dime store front has been San Diego's home for unique men's clothing. Ten years later and we're gearing up for the next chapter in our ever-expanding story. Many of you may know that our website has been out of operation since December, but we're finally back in business. The online store is still being re-worked, but we'd like to welcome you to the new site and blog. We've hit the reset button, so to speak. From here on out the blog is going to be utilized as our personal soapbox. We'll use it to speak about and display anything important to us. As usual, our Instagram (@5andadime) will be used for showing off the madness behind the scenes at the shop, product updates and event flyers. Our Tumblr will function as the team's dream board, a place where we post material covering subjects from many different mediums that inspire, motivate and feed our creativity. The lines will sometimes blur, but we're aiming for a streamlined approach to our social networking that will be easy and fun to follow. We want you, our loyal customers and fans, to be excited and involved with what's going on online and at the shop. We're extending open arms in welcoming you back to the site and store, but along the way you may notice some changes.

          We're proud and excited to announce that the site isn't the only facet of our business hitting reset. The store is also going through some changes. The classic, timeless aesthetic of our brick and mortar is going to extend to the product within. It's going to be an evolving process, but throughout 2014 you'll start to see new brands come in to the shop and old brands go. The 5&A Dime team wants the product to reflect the vibe of the store. No matter the brand they come from, the graphic tees we carry will be more refined and simple. Branding will take a back seat to details and design that function in a more mature place. We're working towards finding a balance between the cultures we've come from and the way we've grown as people. We want the 5&A Dime line to live and breathe as its own entity, not just tees to represent the store. We've matured and our customers have matured -- so we feel like our product should reflect that. We've spent ten years playing catch up, doing things the way we thought they should be done. From here on out we'll be doing things the way we want to do them. Thanks for sticking around. We can't wait for you to see what we have in store (pun intended).

The 5&A Dime Family