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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

5D Reset

Jason Huggins


If you follow any of the 5&A Dime social networks then lately you’ve probably seen us say something about a “5D Reset”. It’s been mentioned, hashtagged and talked about - but we’ve never really explained what it is or what’s going.

Please allow me to do so now...

          The higher ups here at the shop have been doing a lot of brainstorming lately. The powers that be feel like 5&A Dime has lost a bit of its allure. We still have a great reputation and an even better fan base, but something has been missing. Over the last few years Streetwear has changed, in good and bad ways, and with those changes some struggles have come for the shop. We’re stuck - Are we doing something wrong? Is it the store? Is it the product? Is it the economy? Are the mall stores over-saturating the market taking our brands and customers? Do people still shop at brick and mortars or has the internet doomed retail? These (and more) are all questions we’ve been forced to consider as a brand/store, and they’re the questions that brought about the 5D Reset.

          We chose the word “reset” because it evokes the feelings of starting fresh. But it may not be the most accurate term. We’re not starting from scratch, we’re not rebuilding and we’re not going away to come back later. The terms that are more appropriate, to me at least, are “maturing” or “evolving”. Streetwear has changed, but we don’t want to follow a so-called “popular” direction or formula to try and be something we’re not. We’re about honesty, authenticity and customer service. We want to take the opportunity to use our strengths and carve our own path in 2014. 5&A Dime will still be 5&A Dime, but it will be different. You’ll still recognize the shop and the people who run it, and you’ll still appreciate the humor and excellent customer service (if I may say so myself). But there will be minor changes here and there that may lead to some more than minor changes in the future.

          One of the small things you’ll notice will be a change in our “look”. Our product offering will be altered to better reflect the vibe and atmosphere of the shop. The store has a timeless, classic aesthetic and we want the product to feel that way too. We’ll still be carrying Streetwear brands, and we’ll still be inspired by the things that cultured and nurtured us - skateboarding, art, toys, sports, music, etc. Some of those things may be hard to see in our new products, but they’ll be there, just not in blatant graphics on basic tees. Some brands that we’ve had for a long time will no longer be with us, but the shelves will be occupied by new brands we feel fit more in our lane. The selection of products from the brands that do stay will be tailored to our store to make sure the merchandise we’re bringing in fits our desired look. Everything we do will have a reason and purpose behind it.

          We have a renewed sense of focus, and that clarity has brought up some new ideas and new goals. Of the new things, the most different will be our soda and candy selection. We want to move into the future of our retail career by taking it back a few years. Soon, 5&A Dime will offer a selection of craft sodas and vintage candy. Not vintage in the fact that it’s old, expired candy - but vintage in the fact that it’ll be old school, retro brands and flavors. We’re going to have stuff that today’s candy lovers can appreciate while harkening back to the old days when a “5 and Dime store” had stuff that actually cost five and ten cents (and before you ask - No, none of our stuff will be that cheap). Our soda products won’t be your typical 7 Eleven style, convenience store stuff. We’ll have nothing but craft sodas with a focus on local brews, natural ingredients and brands with a history or story to tell. Our goal with this new facet of the store is to engage our patrons in a new way.

          We’re really excited about the new ideas and can’t wait to get these things in the store! We want to bring another element of customer interaction to the storefront. Customers will be able to come in, hang out, sip some refreshing beverages and enjoy their shopping experience. We’re not going for gimmicks. We’re going for that next level of service we feel like has been lost somewhere in time. If you like shopping by yourself in your pajamas then the internet is the place for you. If you want to be treated like a person, enjoy some friendly conversation, and have a good time spending your hard earned money then come through the shop and hang with us.

          We’d like to take this time also to say thanks for any and everyone who has supported us over the years. From the brands we’ve carried to the people who’ve shopped them, we appreciate your time and energy. Sometimes it’s been a blast and other times it’s been rough, but it has always been worthwhile. Thank you guys for everything. We’re excited to get this year rolling forward!

5&A Dime - You’re always welcome!