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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Just Arrived : Richer Poorer Inc.

Jason Huggins


A necessity to most feet during the course of a day. A simple piece of an outfit that up until a couple years ago would've been overlooked. Girls; who were sporting flip flops, flats and heels, didn't need them - and guys didn't care about them...

That changed. I don't know who did it first or who pushed them back into the consciousness of fashion forward footwear, but socks changed. It may have been HUF with all their Plant Life socks, or Odd Future with their donut covered variety - or possibly Stance with their all over prints, homages to old school athletes and artist series styles. They weren't just your typical black or white Nike socks anymore. They're now coming in every color, covered in every pattern, and even have athletes, logos, words and art printed on them. Your socks MATTER now. Bobby Hundreds even posted a blog piece today about how socks are a monster in the fashion world right now. Coincidentally enough, one of the brands he wrote about, Richer Poorer, just sent us some new product today to make sure your feet aren't fashionably late.

Richer Poorer separates themselves from the pack by striving to deliver "everyday products that are better than themselves". Everything from their colors to the cut is looked at then looked at again to make sure it's just how they want it. They pull inspiration from retro patterns and vintage materials, but repurpose them for today's fashion. Also of note, Richer Poorer designs and produces a selection of their quality socks here in California. It's pretty cool to be able to support cool brands especially when they're helping put money back into the American economy, which kind of feels like a pair of hole-riddled socks right now. Support local, right? Right.

Check out the images below to get a glimpse at the new styles we have at the shop, and then roll through to check 'em out in person.

See y'all there!

- 5&A Dime