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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

"Cool Store, Bro!" - 5D on The Hundreds Blog

Jason Huggins

Our friends over at The Hundreds were kind enough to feature us in their ongoing web series "Cool Store, Bro!" and we're stoked to see it up on their site! The video and interview came out killer! We'd like to extend a very grateful thank you to everyone involved over at TH HQ, and to Luis Ruano for making us look and sound good! 

Check out 5&A Dime's "Cool Store, Bro!"

Check out The Hundreds

Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed to making this happen! We appreciate the love and support we've received from The Hundreds over the years. It's awesome refrecting on all that's went down between our two brands!

- Jay & The 5D Team