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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Shop Favorites : IBC Root Beer

Jason Huggins

What's up 5&Dimers?

Zach here with the first of a new series of posts titled "Shop Favorites". With this new weekly post we'll be choosing some of our favorite products at the shop and discussing them, so you guys can get to know us as people rather than a business and maybe learn something new about the goods we have for sale.

Since I handle a good chunk of the writing and what not around the shop I've elected myself to go first. When I say "...elected myself to go first" I mean that Jay said I have to write mine first. So I decided to start this party off with one of my favorite sodas, IBC Root Beer.

You guys may have seen the IG post we did about IBC, and if you did then you got a brief history lesson on the brand. For those who didn't, allow me to school you. IBC is short for the Independent Breweries Company who was founded in St. Louis, Missouri in 1919. Around this time, beverage companies were turning to sodas and non-alcoholic beverages as a way to keep their companies alive. IBC was no exception. They started brewing soda as an alternative to beer and their unique flavor quickly became popular. Ownership changed hands a couple times, but after World War 2 the brand saw a surge in popularity. Seven Up was the new owner and the boost in popularity could be attributed to their now wider distribution thanks to the bigger company. Nowadays, IBC is owned by Dr. Pepper/Seven Up Co. (a merger of the two companies, or Dr. Pepper buying Seven Up, I'm not sure) and just as popular across America. 

IBC is one of my favorite sodas 'cos, to me, it's the perfect root beer. It's got the balanced blend of bitter and sweet flavors that I look for in all my sodas. It's smooth with just the right amount of cream to give it thickness, but it's not overwhelming. I'm not a big fan of Cream Soda 'cos I feel like the cream makes it "heavier" and too sweet. IBC subtly blends it in to just the right effect. The carbonation is a happy medium as well. Some sodas are so carbonated they might as well be flavored bubbles and others lack carbonation so badly that I feel like I'm drinking flavored water (which, technically I am). IBC Root Beer floats satisfyingly in the middle of that spectrum. It's not too bubbly and it's nowhere near flat. As for the Root Beer flavor, in my opinion, they nailed it! As I said above, it's not bitter and it's not overly sweet or creamy like others can be. It also skips out on the licorice flavor that I feel plagues so many potentially good root beers. I'm a big fan of balance. In almost any aspect of life I feel like if you can balance opposing forces than you'll create a generally positive medium. IBC has accomplished that with the flavors in their popular root beer.

Of course, all of the above is just my opinion. I'm not a soda guru or anything of that nature, so don't take my taste buds for the gospel. Get down to the shop and check out some of our beverages for yourself!