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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Earth Day?

Jason Huggins

This past Sunday I found myself at Earth Day in Balboa Park. Balboa Park is actually one of the few spots in SD that I visit on the regular. I think it's important for tourists and even SD natives to spend some time there. They have museums, the art and cultural center, velodrome, community pool, dog parks, table tennis/badminton courts, lawn bowling, disc golf and everything in-between. They even have two golf courses connected to the property and the park is also the back drop to the legendary San Diego Zoo. Besides all the fun stuff, there's a historical element to the park too. So it's really no wonder why it would also be home to Earth Day every year.  I think it was originally my love for Reggae music that helped me find my way to my first Earth Day somewhere around '99 or 2000. Weird right?

Fast forward almost a decade to the most recent Earth Day event and it's like nothing has even changed. It's like time stood still and the crowd, music, aggressive religious groups, protesters, energy and lifestyle still seem to be the same. Ironic enough, for an Earth Day event there seems to be quite a bit of trash and waste littered through out the event. With all the chaos of the day did it lose its true meaning somewhere? 

I spent a few hours in the park shooting photos and here are some of my favorite ones from the day.