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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Godzilla Movie Review

Jason Huggins


Have y'all seen the new Godzilla yet? If not, what are you waiting for? If so, then I'm sure you're still trying to decide when you're going to go see it again, right? Thought so. 

          Last Thursday, part of the 5&A Dime crew, accompanied by some good friends, went to the local IMAX to check out the new version the famous King of Monsters. We felt since it was the big guy's comeback we had to do him justice and watch the movie in IMAX 3D. We weren't disappointed. 

          I'm not a big monster movie buff, nor am I big Godzilla nerd; but I did have some big expectations. There was a lot of hype built up for this flick, and rightly so. It was Godzilla's return to the big screen, Brian Cranston (aka Walter White) is in it, Ken Watanabe is in it, and did I mention Godzilla? There were plenty of previews teasing the King of Monsters' appearance and power, but they were merely hints. Godzilla is (literally and figuratively) a beast! His appearance alone pulled cheers from the crowd, but after he lets out his first roar, you're hooked! A complaint heard among a few moviegoers and critics is that Godzilla isn't in the film enough. I would agree with those points of view, but I liked how the anticipation was built. You see secret files about him, you see historical footage and documents referencing him, and when you finally see him in action; he's intimidating to say the least. It's a satisfying moment after the tension is built.

          The story is simple for the most part, but gets a little dodgy when the scientists start to explain Godzilla and his enemies. There's some plot holes when it comes to the monsters' origins, but nothing that suspension of disbelief doesn't cure. The movie is definitely driven by the action and after the first 25 minutes or so, there's plenty of it! When Godzilla goes into action against the other monsters it's pure pandemonium! The technology of today has definitely done wonders for the Big Monster/Action genre. Thanks to the advancements in CGI you get to see Godzilla do things he's never done before. There's shots of him swimming across the Pacific, trudging through (literally THROUGH) city streets, and attack movements that look great. But he's at his best when doing the things we love him for. His roar was incredibly done. I felt like he almost blasted us out of the theater the first time he let one out. And when he breathes his blue fire it's a wrap! 

          Godzilla was definitely the star of the show, but Cranston and Watanabe did a hell of a job also. Cranston goes through some heartbreaking stuff and his performance pulls you along right through it. Unfortunately, not everyone can keep up with those two. Some of the other actors with big roles fell a bit short and left their characters feeling unfulfilled. Their performances don't ruin the movie, but they could've been better. So all in all, besides some wonky story elements and some bad acting, Godzilla was a dope flick. I mean, it's a Godzilla movie. I wasn't in there for Oscar worthy acting. I was there to see Godzilla fuck some shit up. And he didn't let me down.

If you're into the big action blockbusters then you should have seen Godzilla by now. The King of Monsters brings down the house (and more)! Check it out!

- Zach