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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Personnel Post - Bud & Dolly Huggins

Jason Huggins

So after our first “Personnel Post” y’all know a bit more about Jay and Darcie. They’re the faces and voices of the brand. People know and love them. But there’s a couple people that operate behind the scenes that most customers aren’t aware of. They’re just as important as the siblings, but aren’t as out in the open. Jay and Darcie wouldn’t exist without them... Literally. 

I’m speaking of Bud and Dolly Huggins, of course, the parents behind the dynamic duo that is Jay and Darcie. Bud and Dolly have their own business and their own lives, but they’re an integral part of the inner workings at 5&A Dime.

          George “Bud” Huggins is Jay and Darcie’s dad. If you’ve ever met him then you know exactly where Jay gets it from. Gets what from? Everything, basically. The height, the humor, and the facial hair are all hand-me-down genetics passed from Bud to Jay. Bud grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, a place made famous (or infamous) by the movie The Fighter starring Mark Wahlberg. After marrying Dolly he joined the Air Force, which took them both to new places. They eventually settled in Northern California and started a family. Bud then decided to start his own business. Entrepreneurial mindsets must run in the family. After owning a cabinet making business for a handful of years Bud stepped it up a notch and started doing commercial retail construction. So not only did he know how to run his own business, but the type of business he ran would also help 5&A Dime in its early stages. He’s certain parts father, certain parts husband and other parts business owner - but he’s an all around good guy that keeps 5&A Dime running as best as it can.

          Dolores “Dolly” Huggins is Jay and Darcie’s mother. Darcie takes after her the same way Jay takes after Bud. Dolly also grew up in Lowell, and it made her as tough as she is sweet. After marrying Bud and taking part in his military based traveling, she settled into her role as a mother. Dolly was a stay at home mom, but not the prototypical TV version. She took care of the house, took care of her kids, helped Bud with his business affairs, and maintained the peace in her household. I mean, can you imagine having Jay as a son? Probably not, but Dolly handled it with grace and strength I’m sure. She’s a peacekeeper. She’s business savvy. She’s smart and kind. And although she’s more innocent than the rest of the family, she’s no less funny. Dolly is a utility player if I’ve ever seen one, but her greatest facet lies in her love for her family. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of having a conversation with her then maybe you’d decipher the fact that she’s the thread holding this patchwork of identities together. Dolly is the glue. 

          In all actuality you can see some aspects of both parents in both children. The parents are just as much a part of the team and business as much as the siblings are. Together Dolly and Bud form the perfect backbone for the shop; strong and sturdy enough to support, yet flexible enough to let their kids do things their own way. Combine them with their children and the four of them form the foundation of the 5&A Dime business ethos.

Check out Bud and Dolly’s answer to their interview questions below.

So, first things first, was it love at first sight?
Bud :
For me, it was more like LUST at first sight, but actually not for Dolly. I was 16 years old, driving by her and a friend walking down the street and from a distance I thought her friend was hot! I later met them face to face and  it was love at second sight, but with Dolly this time. (Again, I was 16.)
Dolly : Not really. I didn’t know how I felt about him until I went away to Canada on a family vacation. I missed him a lot!

When was Jay born? Did you guys immediately regret it or was it not until later that the remorse set in?
Bud : I have never regretted him as a son, I did however come to regret some of his choices in life. But then, that’s what parents do.
Dolly : Regret came much later. He was a true blessing in our life at the time of his birth.

What about Darcie? Was she the answer to your prayers or another problem all together?
Bud : Darcie came as a total surprise to us. We thought we would never have anymore children. I didn’t know life could get any better; beautiful wife, two great kids and a thriving business... You just never know when the kick in the groin is going to come!
Dolly : She was declared our miracle baby! We tried for years to have another child (after Jay), after no luck we had given up, and THEN she decided to enter our lives. 

Who’s your favorite? Jay or Darcie?
Bud : N/A
Dolly : N/A

All jokes aside, how has it been raising the dynamic duo that is the Huggins siblings? They’re pretty good people, so I can only imagine they had a good upbringing.
Bud : Each one brought different joys and challenges to our lives. Jay was adventurous, always wanting to do new things like BMXing, skateboarding and outdoors type stuff. Darcie on the other hand was a little easier. She was a great student, not very loud or outgoing, loved to sleep in and hated going to bed.
Dolly : They were so different from one another and aged so far apart it was like raising “two - only children”. Jason was the social butterfly and Darcie was the studious, stay at home type.

When they went into business with 5&A Dime were you excited they were following in your entrepreneurial footsteps or were you apprehensive knowing the troubles involved?
Bud : I think I encouraged them as I am an entrepreneur by nature. I’ve always wanted my children to be happy and successful, same as any parent would. There will always be ups and downs, but family comes first no matter how hard life gets.
Dolly : I was not thrilled. I felt Darcie should’ve gone out on her own. I’m not the risk taker in my family. I felt the same way when Bud started his cabinet business in Sacramento.

Have you guys had fun being involved at the shop? What’s it like for you guys being part of the other family business?
Bud : Fun is a relative term. There were moments of great times, success and accomplishments. On the other side of that there is always disappointments, plans that didn’t work and people that let you down. I see everything they’ve done as decisions to better the business. There will be a day when we can say it was all worth it.
Dolly : I’ve always enjoyed making things and contributing to the store. I try to do my part to help wherever possible. I’m always trying to keep the peace and harmony.

Any last words for the readers or for your kids?
Bud : Our customers have been a very loyal bunch of folks and we treasure each one. We’re appreciative and try to never take them for granted. We want them to feel appreciated and welcome in the shop. Thanks to all the folks that have ever visited the store or made a purchase!
Dolly : For the readers, I appreciate all your support over the years. And for the kids, I love you and will stand by you whenever you need me.