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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Bam Circa '86 - BYECYCLE (Music Video)

Jason Huggins

The homie Bam Circa '86 (or Bam Twerkin' Ladydicks as he's known in certain circles) has dropped a music video for a clean little posse cut off his upcoming project ILLafornia. Bam enlists some younger emcees to help him spit about an age old tradition celebrated in many communities - bicycle theft. Featured on the track are fellow SD spitters Ryan Lehew, BDotWatt, Artt Lifted and Flatbush, BK emcee G.R.A.M.Z. Everyone fits right at home on the laidback beat, except Brandon aka BDot. Not 'cos his verse doesn't come correct, but only 'cos I can't imagine him stealing a bike. Brandon is softer than Charmin Ultra-Soft! And, he has a kid. He can't be doing reckless stuff ya' know?

The track is mega dope and the visuals follow suit. The video was shot and directed by DeadAssSean aka Sean aka Lil' Sean aka that little buster that's always hanging out with Bam and Brandon. Sean is a cool dude, and the one take edit was a cool idea for the track. And we all know black and white makes everything look cooler! And how cool is the old lady at the end? Pretty damn cool.

Check out the video above and stay tuned as Bam gets ready to deliver ILLafornia at the end of the month. Keep your ears peeled!

- Zach