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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Cool Party Bro! & Other Shitty DJ Events

Jason Huggins

Cool Party Bro! // Friday, May 30th          

          Don't stare into the one eyed monster, he may spit at you! Wacky flyer reference aside, you should roll out to The Office Bar tomorrow night for a special event and good times! Our friend Brandon, aka Kanye Asada, will be celebrating his birthday! We won't disclose his age 'cos a gentlemen never asks (or tells) a classy woman's age, but we will say that there's going to be some rad tunes played! Kanye Asada and Don't Go Jason Waterfalls will be teaming up to debut their new DJ supergroup : HRDY BYZ! Pronounced "Hardy Boys", for the uninitiated, the name references some of their favorite detective stories (that they've never read) and their favorite WWE wrestlers (whom they occasionally dress up as, spandex and everything), Jay and Brandon will be dropping beats off the top rope all night for your listening pleasure. Don't miss their much anticipated debut and DEFINITELY don't miss Brandon's bday bash. You'll regret it. You don't want to get "Swanton Bombed" by Jay Huggins.


Everyone DJs, Everyone Cries // Saturday, May 31st

          Remember last week when we had all those events at El Dorado to commemorate our final days partying there? El Dorado bid entertainment nights farewell, but they did so with reluctance, so much so that they've decided that this Saturday is the LAST EVENT EVER at El Dorado. El Dorado is basically being the clingy ex-significant other that wants to move on, but the sex is good, so they won't let you get on with your life. Know what I mean? Anyways, they're calling it "Everyone DJs, Everyone Cries". 5D's very own Don't Go Jason Waterfalls will be spinning alongside basically every other DJ in San Diego to give the El Dorado's Entertainment a proper sendoff. So, for real this time, this is the last hurrah. After Saturday night you'll never be able to go to El D and hear/see a DJ again, so you won't want to miss your last chance. Seriously. This is it. Don't miss out... Seriously.