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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Sunday Funday

Jason Huggins

So, for Christmas I bought this really expensive camera and aside from shooting a few product pics I don't really get to use it as much as I would like. It seems like I only get to bring it out on my one day off, Sunday. This had me thinking that it might be cool to do a weekly photo blog about how I spend my Sundays. I actually already have two posts on here showing you my Sundays but let's make it official. Here's the tricky part, every time we do these so called weekly features we do a really good job at the beginning and then we kinda give up. Not sure why, but maybe we treat it too much like homework or something. So, here's the deal, I will make no commitment to do these posts on a weekly basis. If it happens, it happens. I mean, shit, this one is already two days late! 

With that said, let's get the first (or should I say third) post started. I spent this Sunday DJing with my good buds over at El Camino for their popular "May The 4th" party. Every year they play host to one of the coolest events I participate in. I mean, what's better then a Star Wars themed party with Mexican food and drinks? Plus, El Camino has the perfect spot! You get to sit outside in their patio area and enjoy the sun and great music. Check out a few of the pics I was able to fire off before and after my set. 


Catch ya' next week, maybe!

- Jay