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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Coke Ain't?

Dr. Q

In my young adulthood (read as age 18 to 20) I found myself in Tijuana... often. Every Friday and Saturday night was spent closing down the clothing store I worked at, rushing home to get so fresh and so clean, just so I could sweat through my shirt dancing to some techno and jungle. For those that care Techno and Jungle are genres of EDM that have all but disappeared. Anywho. When I'd party down in Tijuana there were two musts that I needed in my vains: 1. Rojos (Slang for a pack of Mexican Marlboro Reds) and 2. Una Coca (That's how you'd order a Coca-Cola at the bar).

The cigarettes began as a cool accessory, in all honesty, turned into an addiction, a habit that I've thankfully beat. The Mexican Coke, however, still lures me in with its sweet sweet taste, burning fizz, and sexy Coke bottle shaped self. I did some simple research to find out if there are, in fact differences between Mexican Coke and the kind you can find at 7-11.

I came across the Bloomberg Business Week article "The Mexican Coca-Cola Myth: It's Almost American" written by Venessa Wong published on November 11, 2013. According to the article "a Coca-Cola spokeswoman, Kerry Tressler, points to company research showing no perceptible difference in taste."

That sounds like some corporate mumbo jumbo to me, what are they hiding.

The author of the article makes an assertion similar to that of my own "Maybe it just seems better from a cold glass bottle in place of the plastic and aluminum prevalent in the U.S.?"

Mexican Coke is made with pure cane sugar, Not high fructose corn syrup. It tastes subtler, still sweet, but quite a bit more subtle, allowing the other ingredients to be noticed by your taste buds.

It comes in a beautiful glass bottle. Its womanly shape, its heft, its durability, the way the cold glass bottle feels when it hits your lips, there is this entire sensory experience that you don't get from an aluminum can or plastic bottle.

All in all, it's the real thing, the closest thing (probably) to the Coke your great grandparents drank, except there's no actual cocaine, trust me on that one.

Or don't...

Tell you what. Bring in a cold can of Coca-Cola to 5&A Dime do a side by side comparison with one of our cold sweating bottles of Mexican Coke and become a believer.

Doctor Q