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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

5&A Dime's Most Important Blog Post Ever

Jason Huggins

OK... Not really, but this is pretty damn awesome! Jay is a big dog person. He owns two outrageously awesome pugs named Doug and Roxanne. Over the years you guys have seen Doug and Roxy grace 5&A Dime t-shirts, mugs, Honkey Kong prints, and more. Well, Jay and I are also big Game of Thrones fans (if you haven't caught that from our blog or Instagram). Our friend, fellow dog-lover and fellow GoT fan, JC Lopez just hipped us to what we believe is the best video on the internet. Watch below and feast your eyes on the best the world wide web has to offer...

Pugs AND Game of Thrones?! Where has this been all our lives? The Stark Pugs running down the grassy hill is a pretty epic scene, if we do say so ourselves. Hope this made your Tuesday a little bit more dope! See y'all at the shop!

- Zach & The 5D Family