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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

A New TMNT (2014) Trailer ...

Jason Huggins

A new hope. 

Where there was once dismay and pessimism in my heart, there is now optimism and enthusiasm. The new TMNT trailer kicks shell! I'm sure there will still be people out there who don't like how the Turtles look (I do), who don't like Megan Fox (I don't) and who don't like Michael Bay (I definitely don't) - but this new trailer shows off more of the action and more of the story. From the hints it gives, I have little bit more faith that they may have done this new film kind of right. Will it be the beloved 90s films that I grew up with? Probably not, but it's not supposed to be. This is TMNT for a new age and new generation.

First things first, this trailer shows off way more of the Turtles than we've seen before. We get more action clips, more close ups and more dialogue from the heroes in a half shell than in previous trailers. We also get LESS Megan Fox, which doesn't hurt my feelings at all. I was worried that this film was going to follow the same formula as Transformers : main character is a human and the title characters are reserved for side characters helping the main character. This trailer almost all but nixes that idea, but with Michael Bay lurking in the Producing shadows it's still a possibility. The Turtles look great and their fight scenes look incredible (if not a bit over the top), but the voice work is kind of off for me. Mikey and Donatello sound cool to me, but Leo and Raph? Not so much. Johnny Knoxville is playing Leonardo and some of his lines in the trailer were kind of "meh" for me. Same with Raphael, he sounds like he's been smoking cigarettes for thirty years. These are teenagers, remember? 

Also new to this trailer is a fully kitted out, badass Shredder. He looks like he's ready to do work! Something else this trailer kind of straightens out is the whole "white guy as Shredder" dilemma. Upon the release of the first trailer a lot of fans were worried about Shredder being portrayed by a Caucasian actor, but that seems to be out the door as we see William Fichtner addressing a shadowy figure about "his armor". I kind of called this when the first trailer dropped. While everyone was freaking out about a "white Shredder" I was thinking that they were going the "dude looks like the bad dude, but he's just a puppet of the true bad dude" route. It's like The Dark Knight Rises' Bane and Talia, or Iron Man 3's Mandarin and whatever that guy's name was. At least, I hope that's the case. We'll see.

Now I could go on forever about how long I've been a TMNT fan, how many toys I owned, movies/shows I watched, comics I read, etc - but I'll just say this : the TMNT mean a lot to me. Like most fans, there are certain parts of the story and characters that I hold near and dear to my heart, but I won't dismiss this film as "another ruined childhood movie" until it releases and fills those shoes; IF it does. The awesome thing about TMNT is they have a little resurgence every five to ten years and they make whole new generation of fans. Some will bitch and moan and cry about how they're "not like THEIR favorite Turtles", but again, they're not supposed to be. From the original comics, to the first movies, to the animated series of the 90s to the animated series of now; no version has ever been the same. There's things to like and dislike about all of them. Like Star Wars, TMNT has a fanbase that sometimes clings to the old and dismisses the new undeservingly (that's somewhat deserving for the Episodes 1, 2 and 3 though). It's 2014. Let's see what these new Turtles have to offer. 


- Zach