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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

5D Fourth of July Freshtivities

Jason Huggins

Ladies and Gents! This Friday is 4th of July, and 5&A Dime is celebrating the only way we know how - with pool parties, fireworks and Hickies & Dry Humps, of course! Check out what we have lined up for this Friday's freshtivities. If you're not in the loop about freshtivities, let our good friends over at Urban Dictionary clear it up for you :

Does that clear things up? Good. By the way, 5&A Dime does not condone calling women "bitches", but we definitely enjoy their presence at our events. 

First up for the freshtivities : Hi-Dive, 5&A Dime's 8th Annual Fourth of July Celebration!

5&A Dimers like to party. 4th of July gives everyone the perfect reason to do so. You get good food, pool parties, fireworks and great times - and this event combines all of the above! It's a little different this year though. We usually get down with a cookout by the water, but this year we're stepping it up and having a pool party on top of the Palomar Hotel! Peep the flyer above for the details and come get wet with us! 

Next Up : Hickies & Dry Humps!

It's not very often that 4th of July falls on a Friday, so come celebrate with us at SD's favorite event night downtown! You know the drill; 90s jams, local DJs, great location and rad times! To celebrate America's Independence Day we'll also be giving out a special surprise gift to the first 100 people in attendance, so don't miss be too late! 

You didn't know, but now you do! Come chill with us at Hi-Dive and then Hickies & Dry Humps with fireworks thrown in somewhere. Like we said above, 4th of July doesn't usually go off on a Friday - so let's get it pippin'!

- The 5D Crew