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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Bam Circa '86 - Truly

Jason Huggins

Yo. Bam bammed a bamming, bambly bammer on this bamf. Bam went B.A.M on this new bamtastic bampoline of a bamshell. The track; fluid, smooth and mega-chill with a hint of sultry, was produced by Abjo of Soulection. Bam bambles and bamsacks the beat with a bammy and dreamy flow. The video, which follows Bam and his bamettes on a chill cruise through SD, looks and feels like it is actually a dream - if your dreams are filled with Bam. I'm assuming the only people who dream about Bam are Mo, Bam's lady, and Bam himself. Speaking of which, on this song Bam truly outBams Bam's self. If you're the type to bam-biggity-bam while chilling with the bammies, bamp this track at the bamphouse and enjoy. 


(Just kidding. It's Zach.)