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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

5&A Dime's Weekend Itinerary

Jason Huggins

We've got another busy weekend coming up here at the shop, so here's a rundown so y'all know what we're getting into. It's also a heads up so you can plan your weekend accordingly...

5&A Dime Back to School Sale

Art by Norman Wellrock

Art by Norman Wellrock

We've told you once, but we know y'all have short attention spans so here it is again. 5&A Dime is having a Back to School sale to make sure you get back in the classroom in style and to make room for our Fall shipments. It runs Friday through Sunday, but don't wait! You don't want to miss these deals.

Hickies & Dry Humps

Sorry, there's no Doughboy shaped ice cream for this event.

Sorry, there's no Doughboy shaped ice cream for this event.

This Friday brings another night for Hickies & Dry Humps, San Diego's favorite late night event. There's no Ninja Turtle ice cream for this one, but there is guest DJs Mark Marcelo and Smally Biggs. Those two will be spinning alongside 8th & G's own local tastemakers, Jason Waterfalls and Saul Q. I shouldn't have to tell you this by now, but it's 90s jams all night. Join us!


Wear Vans. Duh.

Wear Vans. Duh.

Bam Circa '86 and his lady-piece, Mo, have been busting their asses to make this event happen, so come out and show support. DIRTY FKN VANS is Bam bringing together Art, Hip Hop and good vibes to try and bring SD's underground cultures together in a space that encourages and nurtures those things. Common Ground is giving us a chance to show that when we come together we can support something bigger than someone's new project, new brand, new photo show or whatever. This is bigger than one person or one group of people. This could benefit San Diego's DIY culture as a whole, so get the fuck out there! Don't be a buster. Peep the flyer for all the info you need.

Movies and Stuff

We like movies. Jay thinks this look good. It can't be worse than TMNT (review coming soon... Sad face). If you're looking for some laughs this may be a fun flick to check out. I want to check out Guardians again, though.

That's all for now, ladies and gents. We'll see y'all throughout the weekend. Have fun and be safe!

- Zach & The 5D Familia