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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Just In : Bonham Fall '14

Jason Huggins

It's slowly (and we mean REALLY slowly), but surely getting closer to Fall here in San Diego. You know what that means : LAYERS. Sure, it may be early. It's still warm out, but that doesn't mean you can't start prepping for the cooler days of Fall and Winter.

That's where 5&A Dime and our friends, Bohnam, come in. We just got a small Fall delivery and we're pretty excited about it! Lately, we've been making a concerted effort to curate our product offering more. We want the pieces we carry to be a reflection of us and the things we're into. This selection from Bohnam is a prime example - a simple, but fresh and fun chambray button up, and a clean cut, functional windbreaker.

Derby Button Up - $60 (Blue Chambray)

Derby Button Up - $60 (Blue Chambray)

The "Derby" Button Up is an outdoorsman's take on a fashion staple, the chambray button up. Bohnam went with a laid back indigo color for the body of the shirt, then they threw their own flare on it with the addition of the repeated marlin pattern. The marlin is actually part of the fabric as well, not screened on as we've seen with some brands lately. Quality over quantity, people. The blue is a shade that will work with your favorite denim or chinos, and the good people at Bohnam even included a "locker loop" for the active guy who needs to hang his shirt without it getting jacked up. 

Howell Windbreaker - $100 (Black/Grey)

Howell Windbreaker - $100 (Black/Grey)

The "Howell" Windbreaker is a killer outerwear piece. It's not too flashy with its black and grey color scheme, but has some pop of color in the interior of the hood. It's technical and functional, but chill enough to wear casually. There's gusseted armpit vents, a brim on the hood to keep the weather out, zippered ventilation pockets, a "locker loop" for easy hanging and TWO kangaroo pockets. It's two-layered, nylon and mesh construction means it will hold up against wind and water, but also help you stay cool underneath.

Get down to the shop and check these out before they're gone. As always, we keep a low stock. We don't want all y'all rocking the same stuff! See you on the block!

- The 5&A Dime Crew