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828 G St
San Diego, CA, 92101
United States



Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

The Travelers Club Performance

Jason Huggins

TTC Propaganda

TTC Propaganda

This just in : Tonight, during the 8th & G Block Party, local troublemakers and all around deviants, The Travelers Club, will be performing a live DJ set at 5&A Dime! The diverse group, known mostly for terrorizing citizens of San Diego with their destructive warehouse parties, guerrilla flyer marketing and borderline suicidal chain-smoking, will be debuting material from their soon to be released project, EP. They've coerced 5&A Dime into allowing them to use their small, but fun retail space as their rendezvous point to spread their musical propaganda. 

They'll be shutting down the shop, holding the employees and block party attendees hostage while playing their distinct brand of independent music. There will also be free drinks, good vibes, cool people and a chill atmosphere. Whatever you do, DO NOT come to 5&A Dime tonight and partake in these heinous activities. Your personal character will be judged and may be diminished by these actions. If you value your life, don't pay attention to the flyer above.