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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Dia De Los Muertos 2015 Tour T-Shirt and Candle

Jason Huggins

          Every year for the last five years we have released a "Day of the Dead" tee. I'm not really sure why or how the tradition started. The obvious explanation is because of our geographical location and our fondness for the holidays, but honestly we can't remember. We do remember some of the past DOTD collaborations, including  Sweatbricks, Flying Panther Tattoo and Us Vs Them. This is also the holiday that we owe to creating one of the most popular 5&A Dime stack logo fills as well. Last year we teamed up with our buddy Ezra AKA EZ-Rock and did custom 5&A Dime Loteria card tee for us. Because we liked his work so much we asked him to help us again this year. This time we thought it would be fun to put a spin on the traditional DOTD graphics and treat Dia De Los Muertos like it was a metal band on a world tour. This immediately made us think of popular metal bands like Iron Maiden, Slayer and Metallica. 

          Although Kanye West is nowhere close to metal his Yeezus tour tees from a few years back also reminded us of the possible look we wanted to go for. When I initially saw the Yeezus tees I thought to myself "wow, I can't believe they bit Pushead and Metallica so hard". It was also frustrating to think that most of the younger kids buying the Yeezus tees probably have never heard of Pushed or seen any of the art he has done for Metallica. 

          So now it's our turn to jack Mr. West, wait, I'm mean honor Mr. West with our new Dia De Los Muertos tee and candle. We decided to make our design a little more classic/simple and use one color white discharge ink. For the front of the tee we included our version of the "La Borracho" character from the Loteria cards and on the back we added a world tour list of cites.  We did this because although Mexico, California and Texas are the only ones that possibly celebrate "Dia De Los Muertos" another global holiday "All Saints Day" also lands on November 1st. Many other countries pay homage to their dead in a very similar way to Mexico, so we included a few of the cites and countries on the back to honor their day as well. This is a super limited release and less that 48 tees have been produced. We also released a limited candle (36 pieces) as well. 

Please enjoy these super contrived images of a fat guy in a cemetery. 

Photo Credit: Xavier Beso