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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

5 Favorites (Black Friday Edition)

Arthur Pino

           We’re back for another week of what some have called “The best thing to happen to lists ever”! Ok nobody has ever cared enough about lists to make such a claim but I guess if you say it first it must be true? Anyway, this week we bring you some of the best deals we found for the day after Thanks-eating aka Black Friday.

          To many, Black Friday has become the time of year where your current tv starts to suck all of a sudden. So, you try to catch a good Black Friday deal, well, we say go for it but why not step your game up to this 60 inch 4k tv? Cuz 1080p just doesn’t cut it anymore. You should be able to see every pixel of you dying to a quick scope or re-watch that embarrassing home movie your parents make you watch every year. No?? Just me?…ok then…on to the next.

          This one is for those people that have been holding off on getting a smaller version of their phone on your wrist. So, like everything else on the list the deals are endless but the thing that stands out with this one is the fact that you get a $100 gift card to Target. It’s scientifically proven that humans can’t go into a Target and not get extra stuff. For those impulse buys that you know are going to happen (we can’t help ourselves either) this deal has you covered. You also get a tiny wrist phone, or whatever…

          After Black Friday the count down for Christmas starts. If you’re the host of any holiday festivities you know just how messy things can get after everyone goes home. So for that, the Dyson Cordless vacuum can come in handy. Like some of you know we have a variety of pets roaming 5D all the time and this lightweight vacuum is a blessing when you have to go up and down the stairs. With that being said, a $90 dollar discount makes it a whole lot better.

          Now that you have a brand new TV you’re going to need some entertainment to go along with it. Gamestop has you covered with the Xbox One Gears of War bundle, this way you don’t have to buy the console then put down another $60 on a game. I know a lot of you haven’t upgraded to the so-called “next gen” but now is the time to get yourself caught up on all those new games.  

          Ok, yes this is a little bit of shameless self-promotion but we do have some great things planned for Black Friday this year. We’re back with this year’s Black Pack but it’s a little different this time. It’s a Special Edition of the Nostalgia Collection, all the graphics are re-worked Black on Black versions of popular 5D tees from the past. We have two options for you guys a sweatshirt or a t-shirt pack. What makes this year different is the Grand Prize. One lucky person will be taking home a Limited Edition Star Wars Battle Front Playstation 4. It’s sold out everywhere so the only place to get your hands on one is with us. We’ll see you on Friday! Happy Thanksgiving everybody. 

As always, please leave comments below and enjoy the Holiday weekend. 

- Arthur Pino