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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Star Wars is Awesome Again! (No Spoilers(but you should have seen it by now))

Jonathan Ikemura

It's so nice, we saw it twice.

It's so nice, we saw it twice.

If you've stuck by 5&A Dime through the years, you already know we're huge nerds. More specifically those Star Wars nerds. We just released those San Diego Rancore long sleeves, and hosted a very successful Star Wars movie night. With all this hype and anticipation, the biggest question was- "Did the movie deliver?"

Personally, I thought the movie was amazing! Lucas set the bar very low with episodes 1-3, so I just hoped that it was better than all three of those movies combined. Which for me it was. The Force Awakes made me excited for Star Wars all over again. I think Abrams did an outstanding job. Not every character got a huge amount of screen time, and not every little thing was explained in full detail. But that's what the rest of the movies are for. I don't need midiclorians fully explained to me, and we didn't need to go into why C-3PO's arm is red, or how Kylo Ren turned to the Dark Side. Well maybe that last one, but It's all part of the mystery. In A New Hope Obi Wan talks about the Clone Wars, and leaves it up to the viewer to fill in what that was. Actually it leaves George Lucas to fill that in for us, but I'm sure that wasn't his original intent.

But back to The Force Awakens. The new characters were great. I'm glad the old cast didn't dominate the whole movie, because this was supposed to be more of a passing of the torch of sorts. The realness of everything is what really pulled me back in. Real stormtroopers, real ships, real sets! The cast had actual things to interact with. Also everything doesn't look like a video game trailer. The cast were running from a real threat, and not just blank blue and green screens. Every time I saw the clone troopers in The Clone Wars, I just kept thinking of how much I would prefer to see a real actor in a costume instead of a hundred CG troopers fighting against 100 CG battle droids. Everything in The Force Awakens just made me want to see the props, and be in that world. I was also glad that the humor was a lot less goofy in this movie. No Jar Jar getting his tongue caught on things, or creatures falling off of things in between shots for a laugh. The humor was more thought out in the writing, opposed to physical gags.

Even though I loved a lot of this movie, there were still parts that I think they could have done better. If you've seen this movie, it's hard not to think "AGAIN?!" and yes there are a lot of familiar parts to A New Hope. And even though there are a lot of similarities, I think this movie brings Star Wars into this new generation of viewers in a lot better light than episodes 1-3 ever did. This next part might just be me, but the acting between Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher seemed a little inorganic to me. The banter and chemistry worked a lot better for me in the original trilogy. This time around it almost seemed like, I say my line, now you say your line. I want to go more into some plot, but I don't want to ruin that for you guys.

So I'll leave you with this: Go watch the movie!