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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Star Wars Episode VII Trailer 2

Jason Huggins

First off, I want to go on record and say I'm not trying to claim I'm the biggest Star Wars fan out there. I know there are people at the Star Wars Celebration right now getting their faces melted through their custom storm trooper costumes as I write this. However, I feel truly lucky to have grown up with this amazing story. I was three when my parents took me to go see Episode IV when it hit the big screen in 1977. At three years old I was probably too young to really remember much. I kinda have a funny feeling it was my Dad that really wanted to see the movie and used me as the catalyst to go, but I'm glad he did! When Empire came out I was six, so my memory is the strongest with this film. It's also the one closest to my heart for that very reason. With the release of the first three films came the toys. Again, I was an extremely lucky kid to get laced up with pretty much whatever I asked for. I don't want to say that my parents spoiled me, but shit! I was like one of the only kids in our neighborhood with a fleet of action figures as well as the big ticket items like the AT-AT, death star trash compactor set, millennium falcon, ewok village and I even got the popular  12" Boba Fett that all my friends wanted. I'm not trying to brag, only try to explain my passion for this movie series and how much it influenced me and shaped my entire life. Some of my fondest memories are attached to this movie saga, including the time that I choked on the head of my Han Solo "Hoth" action figure and my mom hung me upside down until I coughed it up. I don't think the Heimlich maneuver was a popular move back then I'm guessing. 

Fast forward past the second series of "so-so" films, including the upgraded New Hope, Empire and Jedi films, numerous books, comics, cartoons and various TV series to the upcoming and highly anticipated The Force Awakens. HOLY SHIT, I can't wait for this new movie! I know a lot of people were upset when the Disney "Empire" (get it? Empire?) acquired the Lucas Film franchise, but I personally was over-the-moon about this new merger. Look at how they saved the Marvel Universe (minus Iron Man 2 and 3). I'm sure you comic purists might disagree, but I honestly can't see them screwing it up worse than Lucas did to the last three films he made. After seeing the first trailer and now the second one that debuted today, it would appear that J.J. Abrams is following the storyline as read in the expanded universe. It looks like the next chapter is going to be about Han and Leia's children Jacen and Jaina. If this is the case, God, please let the movie have a scene in it where Jaina goes to be trained by Boba Fett to help her fight against her brother who turned to the dark side. Please oh please Sith Lord!

Anyways, you can expect to see me and millions of other nerds camped out the night before this movie premieres. Only eight months away...eight long and grueling months. 

P.S. the last scene in this new trailer gave me goosebumps all ten times I've watched! 

- Jay