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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

Cinco De Mayo Pre-Order

Jason Huggins

So every now and then the 5D crew will release product for upcoming holidays like Christmas and Dia De Los Muertos. With Cinco De Mayo just around the corner we felt it our civic duty to put out a fun design to celebrate. Below are our reasons why. 

Fist Reason: The Mexican American community is the lifeblood and DNA of San Diego. Without this community SD would be nothing more than a conservative city with a stick up it’s butt and no real backbone or flavor. San Diego has without question the best Mexican food outside the motherland itself. SD invented the Cali burrito for crying out loud! These are just facts people…just facts. 

Second Reason: My sister Darcie has a fondness for tequila like no other and this tee design was originally her idea. If you ever get a chance to talk to her about it make sure you ask her about “Party Darcie.” She will love you for it. Actually, you might want to stay clear of that subject. 

Third Reason: This isn’t a legitimate reason but more a side note. When we conceptualized the art for this tee we actually had designed a shot glass to go with it. We planned to have the glass and tee come together in a combo pack. Of course, I waited to the last minute and didn’t get the art to the printer in time, so we had to scrap the glass. Why am I telling you this? Shit, I don’t know, maybe I just have a big mouth, but I think it would have been cool as hell to have the glass as part of the release. I guess I’m just bummed I dropped the ball for you guys.

Last Reason: Why not? Cinco de Mayo sounds like a good enough excuse to put a fun t-shirt, right?  

Quantities are limited to 48 tees so make sure to pre-order yours today.