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828 G St
San Diego, CA, 92101
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Welcome to the 5&A Dime soap box. 

5&A Dime Troop 1904

Jason Huggins

Ok, so what's Troop 1904 you ask? Well, it's our attempt at forming a community through the 5&A Dime brand. We have always been strong believers in building a community in what we do, not just in San Diego, but as a whole. As many of you already know 1904 stands for SD, and Troop 1904 is our attempt at a San Diego based community for 5&A Dime. It is the first Troop in what we hope will be a growing group.

Members of our Troops will be able to earn what we call a "demerit badge" by completing exciting or challenging tasks. Much like the scout merit badges, we want to offer items through 5&A Dime that can only be earned. The "demerit badge" program is our way of doing this. When we opened our new location two months ago we decided to offer a badge to the first 50 customers and within an hour we had managed to award them all.  Although that is the only badge to date, it is our plan to release various badges that you can earn to build your Troop rank. It is our plan to try and make all badges available to everyone and not just those of you that live in San Diego, so keep your eye out for opportunities to earn more. In addition to the demerit badges you earn we will have other items for Troop 1904 that can be purchased.

Today we released our first Troop logo tee. We think it represents our city and Troop well and hope you guys like it as much as we do. Whave an extremely limited amount of these. Let's just say we have crap load of cool things planed for Troop 1904 but we have a lot of work ahead of us to tell the story. It's going to take all of your help to build this up. We hope you join our Troop and the exciting things we have planned for the future.