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828 G St
San Diego, CA, 92101
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Jason Huggins

          What's up 5&A Dimers? Welcome to our new 5D Podcast. This will be our sounding board and will allow us to share funny stories, opinions and pretty much anything we feel like talking about. We decided to do this so you can get a better understanding of what makes up the 5D crew. It should give you all a real sense of who we are as individuals and what drives us. Our first podcast is a bit rough of course and after some discussion we decided to roll out on the first go. We just hit the record button and started talking. You can hear the rocky start but it eventually gets better. We think its going to be fun to look back at this first recording and see where we came from. Hey, if this podcast thing doesn't work out for us then the worst case scenario is that you guys will be able to buy some cool mics and gear on craigslist.